Da neko. Da neko. What, what? Da neko.


neko no neko
11 December
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This is a bio. it's not very exciting. I have no energy. here is my old bio. it applies in parts, but not really.
Just another snow leopard from Hawaii.. although I, unlike other snowleopards from Hawaii, happen to be the co-author/co-artist of the online manga Brechen Sie Das Muster ( http://brechen.keenspace.com ). How many other people can claim that? ;) Hm.. I adore drawing, reading and writing as well as roleplaying.... other cultures are facinating to me, especially Japanese culture (mm.. Bishies..)...and, as you might guess, I adore Yaoi and shounen-ai flavoured things. mm. J-rock I adore as well, especially Psycho le cemu and Dir en grey. Mmm.. Shinya-sama... Let's see, what else... I have the habbit of babbling at times and typoing alot, so--er.. wait.. what do you mean I'm running out of room? I'm not done talking ye--